Friday, October 3, 2008

2 Bulldog Victories!

This Saturday we woke up early to cheer Dillon on to victory against Snow Canyon. Dillon is #3. Dillon had an awesome game. He plays Defensive Free Safety and had 1 interception and almost another one. He also had some great tackles. His team won a whole bunch of touchdowns to zero.
Aunt Kelly, Grandma and Grandpa Sneddon joined in the fun of the game.
Jaxon and Maiya are one of the few siblings who actually like each other. They were happy to be out in the early morning sunshine watching football. Jaxon spent most of the game asking where was Dillon. It is amazing how all of the football players look alike.
Carson's team, coached by Trent, had their first win of the season. It was a great game and they really needed this boost of confidence. Carson is so fun to watch. He is my sweetheart, teddy bear boy who is nice to everyone. Put him on the football field and his nickname is "the crusher." He hits so hard.We had a couple of hours between games so we found a carnival at a park in St George. They had some big bounce houses and when we drove up Jaxon asked what was going on? We said there was a carnival. Jaxon replied, "Can we join?" He is so funny.

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Michelle said...

I wanna hug the kids. I miss you all.