Friday, October 3, 2008

2 Bulldog Victories!

This Saturday we woke up early to cheer Dillon on to victory against Snow Canyon. Dillon is #3. Dillon had an awesome game. He plays Defensive Free Safety and had 1 interception and almost another one. He also had some great tackles. His team won a whole bunch of touchdowns to zero.
Aunt Kelly, Grandma and Grandpa Sneddon joined in the fun of the game.
Jaxon and Maiya are one of the few siblings who actually like each other. They were happy to be out in the early morning sunshine watching football. Jaxon spent most of the game asking where was Dillon. It is amazing how all of the football players look alike.
Carson's team, coached by Trent, had their first win of the season. It was a great game and they really needed this boost of confidence. Carson is so fun to watch. He is my sweetheart, teddy bear boy who is nice to everyone. Put him on the football field and his nickname is "the crusher." He hits so hard.We had a couple of hours between games so we found a carnival at a park in St George. They had some big bounce houses and when we drove up Jaxon asked what was going on? We said there was a carnival. Jaxon replied, "Can we join?" He is so funny.

Kallie's Baptism

We have the best family in the world! This crazy group of people traveled all the way to Mesquite to support Kallie on her very special day. I don't know what is up with Carson???

Kallie's Grandma Sneddon made her beautiful baptism dress. She looked like an angel. We are lucky to have someone so talented. This baptism dress is just practice for when she makes her wedding dress. I think it is tradition because she made my wedding dress.

Kallie and her Dad all dressed in white.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of School

Dillon, the fashionista, leaving for the first day of 7th grade. He had several outfits picked out, spread out on the floor and the entire family voted on what he should wear. This is the winner. This would be Dillon running as fast as he can away from me. He is so embarressed of his Mom. I had to drop him off at the back of the parking lot of school and he scurried away before anyone connected him to me.
Carson's 5th grade teacher is Mr. Gentry. He came home from school the first 3 days talking about how cool he is. We are really excited, he has a great class. This are his buddies, Mikean, Carson, Mr. Gentry and Jaron Linge.
Kallie wanted to look like a bulldog on the first day with her new bulldog green shirt. She rode the bus with her friends, Taylor and Karissa.

Oh happy day! The first day of school rocks!

MUDBALL 2008!!!

Mesquite experienced a HUGE rainstorm Labor Day Weekend. Our backyard and kitchen even flooded. Luckily we have the best neighbors in the world who came over while we were out of town and began the cleanup, even bringing in meals when we returned home to the mess. All is well, except we now have a muddy pond for a swimming pool. However there is a silver lining to all this. Monday the kids found a HUGE mud pool, gathered as many friends as they could find and played MUDBALL 2008. And yes, that is Kallie in the back playing right along with the boys.

Dillon taking down Jesus with Carson close behind.

After they were finished with the ball game they decided to try cliff jumping in the temporary lake. Kallie was the first to go all the way under the water.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Member of the Family

Carson is OBSESSED with dogs. His favorite book and movie is Where the Red Fern Grows and he begged and begged to get a hound dog. We tried to talk him into a nice older dog that was already trained and past the puppy stage. Carson held firm for a hunting hound. A really nice farmer, Ron Leavitt, had some red bone coon hound pups and Carson fell in love (actually we all did). We brought home our new baby girl last week. Her name is Ellie after Trent's dog Ellie May. When Trent was younger he had a black and tan hound. Ellie is so cute!!! She loves her big brother, Dodge. She follows him everywhere. The other night Dodge was inside but Ellie got put outside because she had an accident. She cried and cried at the back door. We have yet to hear her howl, but she does cry. Then she went around the side of the house and squeezed through the fence and scratched and cried on the front door. I think most dogs would find freedom and run like the wind. Not Ellie, she just tried another door. So far we think she is so cute!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hiking the Narrow's

The weather was quite warm so the cool water felt great on our hike!
Carson was body surfing down the river!

I haven't posted in a while so I have a lot to make up from. In July we had a free Saturday and decided to hike the Narrow's at Zion's National Park. It had been raining and so the river was murky and you couldn't see where you were stepping. Trent went down on his face at one point and I couldn't stop laughing!

Lake Powell Trip 2008

We took the big "party barge" out on our annual Lake Powell trip this weekend. It was quite an adventure. We got to Lake Powell Friday evening to beautiful, calm waters and the most wonderful sunset in the world. Then about midnight the storm began--wind and rain. The worst part is we were sleeping out under the stars on the boat and had no shelter. Carson was in a deep sleep when all of a sudden he started yelling to leave him alone. He thought his brother was buggin him, when it actually was raindrops. Kallie thought it was great and giggled and laughed all night long. Needless to say we didn't get a lot of sleep that night. Saturday morning was bright and beautiful again and we lucked out the rest of the trip.
Carson was obsessed with fishing. All he wanted to do was fish. He even stayed out in the dark trying his luck. Unfortunately the fish weren't biting and Dillon was the only one who caught one tiny fish.
Everyone loved to cliff jump. We found some really fun cliffs to jump off. Dillon was by far the most brave, climbing higher and higher each turn. Kallie even jumped!
Dillon and Carson loved the tube the most. We had to beg and plead the kids to try wake boarding and skiing. The bounced right up and did so good, but still loved the tube the best.
Trent even skiied and wake boarded. Here he is showing off on the board. The kids were pretty impressed. I was holding my breath hoping he wouldn't re-injure his achillies tendon. Luckily all was well.